Commercial & Work Uniforms

Montgomery Overall Service located in Maybrook, New York, provides commercial industrial uniforms and chef apparel of the finest quality to ensure comfort and durability in a constantly mobile society. Additional options include safety apparel, dealership apparel, and executive apparel.

Industrial Work Uniforms

Because our uniforms are made from a comfortable fabric and are supplied by Red Kap, proper fit and comfort are always ensured. We also offer women’s uniforms too. To make it complete we also can provide jackets, coveralls and shopcoats to add to any rental program.

Aprons & Towels

Clean aprons are a must in food preparation. We supply unisex aprons, kitchen towels, and bar mops to meet your specific needs. Inventory quantities are adjusted as your business changes.

Chef Designs Apparel

Keep your chefs and kitchen staff looking neat and professional with cook shirts and white, double-breasted chef’s coats. Pants come in the standard white or black and white check.

Contact us at (845) 427-2183 for further details on uniform rental services and programs.

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