Industrial Entry Mats & Mops

Safety Solutions

Montgomery Overall Service’s floor mat service is designed to trap 80% of the traffic dirt at your entrance. Weekly replacing avoids advance wear of your floors and carpets. Keeping your floors dry with mats helps you prevent slips and falls in your facility, which could result in costly liability. All Montgomery Overall Service’s mats are certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. Available in a range of sizes and colors to compliment any decor.

Industrial Floor Mats

Protect your floors, protect yourself. Walk-off entry mats are available in a range of sizes and colors to compliment your decor.

Anti- Fatigue Mats

Employees complaining of leg strain? Try our anti-fatigue mats. They provide the added support needed for those on their feet in stationary position.

Dust Mops & Wet Mops

To compliment your mat rental, why not pick up the remaining 20% of the traffic dirt with our environmentally safe, chemically treated dust mops. Great for wood or tiled floors. Safe for use on gymnasium floors. Our mops come in various sizes, the frame and handle are included with the rental. Weekly cleaning and treatment are the most effective way to ensure our mops are doing the service you deserve.

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